Chipper App
A faster and cheaper way to pay people. I conducted a UX audit and redesign of the app and brand to break with convention and redefine their product category.
Product Design
Information Architecture
UX Audit
Design Systems
Chipper already hit the floor running in the digital finance market in South Africa. The more traction it got, the more we got to know pain points from users and get a better understanding of our competitors. To start, there was no solid brand system in place, making the application feel generic and stale. Our brand goal was to declutter how users preemptively felt when associating with the FinTech market in Africa, which was full of bloated apps and dark marketing tactics.
Before implementation of new the interface, I conducted a UX audit and competitive analysis of their current application, and used their team's conducted research to fix pain points and inject discoveries. We found that many people didn't like having their activity at the forefront, which inevitably made it challenging to do what they needed to do quickly.

The new homepage was guided by our primary goal: Simplifying sending and receiving cash. This feature would be the meat on the bone that lights the way for more features to come.